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Oral Hearing on Massive Glenties Wind Farm Announced

The Glenties Wind Farm Information Group have just received notification that an oral hearing will be convened by An Bord Pleanála on the 16th October next to decide on a massive wind farm project planned for the outskirts of the town. The Group represents the majority of the appellants and observers in the appeal to An Bord Pleanála against the decision earlier this year by Donegal County Council to grant permission for 25 turbine wind farm at Straboy and adjacent townlands near Glenties. The Group intend to fully contest the grant of permission by Donegal County Council at the hearing.

A spokesman for GWiG said “This is an area of intrinsic value in terms of natural beauty, the environment and cultural heritage and we question the logic of how a development like this can be granted permission sited as it is so close to the town of Glenties and within 1.5km of over 800 local residents. If we as a community retain only the idea of perceived emissions reductions which is the claim by this industry and make no other reference to environmental acceptability, then sadly developments like this will continue to be proposed and developed in sensitive areas. The result is that wind farm developments will threaten the continuity of local communities like Glenties. People are concerned about the health impacts associated with the noise generated by these giant structures. The social fabric of the area is dependent on the retention of young families and the attraction of the area as a place to bring up a young family. Few voices question the importance of wild, unindustrialised landscape as an asset for the community but anyone with a concern for the environment should also consider the importance of preserving areas like this, both from a desire to protect our fragile ecosystems and from a recognition of their capacity to enrich human life through spiritual and poetic inspiration.

Local writers such as Sean Bán McMenamin who wrote 28 books in the Irish language, contributed to our understanding and appreciation of our native tongue. The much renowned Patrick McGill wrote about the circumstances and times of his people and we can see many similarities in the present day with how a development like this can be imposed on our community without any consultation with the local people. Nor was there any meaningful consideration as to how it will affect the environment in which we live by detracting from the attractiveness of the area as a destination for recreational tourism. Indeed, this development will undermine the area’s attractiveness as a place for young families to live thereby undermining the very fabric of our community. Glenties is the maternal birthplace of Brian Friel, arguably Ireland’s leading contemporary playwright, and it is here he spent his youthful summers in the area which inspired much of his writing.

The importance of the landscape and its setting is at the heart of the true value of where we live. It is time that the decision makers developed an appreciation of its importance. This development will bring little or nothing to the people of Glenties. All it will do is remove a core value from our community while others who stand to make many millions from the project going ahead will continue to at least 120 miles away, far from the daily impact of these giant structures. Our community badly needs financial support to pay for the range of experts we need to bring to the hearing to speak in an authoritative way on the impacts this development will have on us and the receiving landscape. We vehemently reject the hypothesis of the developer’s experts and consultants who had the temerity to dismiss those impacts as” not significant”. Putting twenty five 100 metre high turbines on hilltops approaching Glenties town serviced by 11 km of new roads gouged into the mountain is hardly insignificant.

Once again this puts a community at the disadvantage of facing the well resourced entity who can come into our area and talk down to us, with the back up of well paid consultants. We ask for your support”

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