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Serious questions
our county councillors and planners need to answer

The elected representatives of Donegal County Council, in June 2012, voted to remove all set back distances of wind turbines from lakes, streams, roads, houses etc. In light of the fallen turbine in Loughderryduff, will the Council now insist on a set back distance of at least 2 km? The blades from this turbine blew quite a distance, disintegrated and scattered over a large area of land. In the interests of public safety will the Council instate a 2 km set back distance?


Were the elected representatives, on behalf of the public, notified of the results of the investigation into the fallen turbine before the other turbines were re-started?


Were the other turbines re-assessed fully before re-starting?


Are the elected representatives satisfied with the results of the investigation and the manner and method of the investigation?


Who carried out the investigation?


What role, if any, had Donegal County Council in this investigation?


Has all of the fallen turbine been recovered and accounted for?


Will the results of the investigation be made public?


Will the full Planning File be made available on-line?


Pending full, comprehensive results of the investigation, will Donegal County Council order a stay on all turbines presently a) at Planning stage, b) in operation?


Will they order the dismantling of all turbines situated within 2 km of a house or road?


In case of an accident (e.g. If a turbine fell over the public road on a passing vehicle) who is responsible? The public need to know.


Is it legal for North West Wind to operate a seven turbine wind farm when the permission granted was for nine turbines? Presumably the nine turbines were sited to maximise energy returns and public safety, and if this was so, how can seven be safely operating now?


Will the site of the fallen turbine be restored to its natural state, and when?


As Donegal County Council Planning Department approved this wind farm, did they monitor the materials used and the work carried out?


Were individual assessments of each turbine site carried out and reported on? This needs to be done at all times in Donegal, due to the varied nature of each site within itself.


Do the turbines on this site adhere to the approved Planning Application details?


Were the turbines installed as per Planning Application 03/3043?


Did Donegal County Council monitor the construction of the wind farm?


Is Donegal County Council capable of monitoring a wind farm construction and installation?


Is Donegal County Council capable of assessing a Planning Application for a wind farm?

Review of Windfarm Noise Guidelines Welcomed

The Glenties Windfarm Information Group has cautiously welcomed the public call for submissions as part of the review of the Wind Energy Guidelines (2006).  The review is focused upon creating adequate safeguards to mitigate against the negative impact of noise and shadow-flicker from windfarms on neighbouring properties and homes. Read more.....

You WILL be affected by wind turbine plans near Glenties

YOUR community needs YOUR support

People in Glenties, Maas, Lettermacaward, Doochary and Fintown should be aware of a proposal that will change the local environment in an unprecedented, almost unimaginable way.

A planning application for 22 turbines to be located just 1.5km from the town of Glenties on the hill at Sráth Buí (Straboy) is currently under appeal with An Bord Pleanála.  An oral hearing is due to be convened in the coming weeks to consider the arguments for and against this proposal.

Our community and the residents of Glenties, with a population of 850, situated within 1.5km of this proposed development must give very serious consideration to how this proposal will impact on our physical and mental well being.  In addition the impact on property valuations in an already depressed market has the potential, based on evidence from elsewhere, to reduce the value of your property by upwards of 60%.  This is a very serious implication for all in the affected region.

International peer-reviewed studies have highlighted the impact that low frequency noise from turbines can have on human health.  This is something that we all need to consider, particularly those of us with young families, as children, particularly autistic children, are identified as being most impacted on.  If this development is allowed to proceed there is no provision currently in law to address these implications, when, and if, they arise.  

With such a strong body of scientific evidence emerging over the past 18 months, the people of our community must avail of the opportunity available to them to have their concerns addressed at this oral hearing.  We ask for your support in enabling us to bring forward expert witnesses to this hearing; to speak on our behalf on the range of impacts associated with the proposed development and to explore and highlight, at the oral hearing, the shortcomings and risks associated with this developer- led project.

It is vital that we get your support.

Our Environment

Massive and unrestrained wind farm development allowed by local authorities and promoted through government subsidies is having a serious impact on our environment.  This is despite evidence that this form of development is totally inappropriate and unsuited to the purpose of providing a reliable and sustainable supply of alternative energy, i.e. that purpose for which it is being promoted.

This is hardly a sustainable and realistic form of alternative energy. However, we continue to promote its use with all rational consideration of its shortcomings, and its impact on the receiving environment, being set aside. We fail to consider the importance of wild unindustrialized landscape as a material asset. Those concerned about the environment surely must have a desire to protect these fragile ecosystems and their capacity to enrich human life through spiritual, poetic inspiration and recreational adventure.

We have a duty to each other to protect the environment, that we may live out our lives the best we can, and preserve it for our children and our children’s children; hence the importance of tourism and recreational amenity to Glenties and its surrounding communities. The cultural heritage associated with the area, including that of our Gaeltacht townlands must be preserved intact as a vital lifeline and catalyst for future economic growth. This badly needed stimulus would offer hope for our young people wishing to remain in the area of their birth.

How can I help?

To help Glenties, its surrounding communities and those potentially affected, you can

1. Make a donation to:

Bank Details: Bank of Ireland, Main Street, Glenties, Co Donegal, Ireland

Account Name: Glenties Windfarm Information Group (GWiG)

Account No.  97730412 Sort Code 90-48-94

2. Write, email or call;   to let us know how you feel, or if you would like further information:

Glenties Windfarm Information Group



Co Donegal



Telephone No:  086 – 4481269

International Calls:  + 353 86 448 1269

3. Inform your friends and neighbours of the situation, of this website and what it contains.

The energy produced by wind turbines is unpredictable, intermittent and totally dependent on the backup of conventional fossil fuelled power plants such as those fuelled by gas, oil, coal or peat.  

Most importantly, wind farms are an attractively dangerous distraction - a piece of green window dressing – which are often allowed to be sited in areas of sensitive ecology and great natural beauty; all resources that are non-renewable and crucial to the well being of the community.  

It is therefore unacceptable that this industry be allowed continue to avail of exemptions in planning law, which allow for the industrialization of our most scenic landscapes and the destruction of sensitive eco systems which are protected under EU law.  

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