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16 October 2012

RTE News, Objections to proposed Donegal wind farm being heard see video

Donegal Daily, Hearing into controversial Glenties windfarm begins read

Highland Radio, Public hearing in to a proposed Glenties wind farm underway read

17 October 2012

Donegal Daily, More than 240 lorry trips required to complete windfarm read

18 October 2012

Donegal Democrat, No baseline Noise Study in EIS view PDF

Donegal Democrat, Windfram company outline benefit of project at Glenties oral hearing view PDF

22 October 2012

Donegal Democrat Fears over wind farm: medical expert claim up to 120 at risk view PDF

Donegal Democrat, Residents speak out over fears about wind farm - Magee view PDF

Donegal Democrat, People within 1km at health risk say Experts view PDF

23 October 2012

Donegal Daily, Ten parties give evidence to windfarm oral hearing read  

25 October 2012

Donegal Democrat, Wind Power must be backed up additional power - Environmentalist view PDF

Donegal Democrat, Peat slides pose significant risk view PDF

Donegal Democrat, Local residents speak out against windfarm - Farrar view PDF

Donegal Democrat, Irish Objections were answered in English view PDF

29 October 2012

Donegal Democrat, Hearing Concludes_Varied views on Impact of Glenties Windfarm view PDF

Donegal Democrat, Health Risks not always immediately apparent (bottom page) view PDF

1 November 2012

Donegal Democrat, Questions raised over public consultations at wind farm hearing view PDF

Donegal Democrat, Objectors feel 'fully heard' at oral hearing view PDF

2 November 2012

Donegal News, No date set for Glenties Hearing Verdict view PDF

5 November 2012, Glenties awaits oral hearing verdict read are also carrying many of the above. See the links below which will also lead you to a back catalogue of Straboy stories gone world wide!

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