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Proposed Variation (No 2) to Donegal County Development Plan 2012-2018 (as varied)

Dear Sir,

I write to welcome your recently proposed amendments to the Wind Energy Section of the County Development Plan. These will put reasonable setback distances between homes and wind turbines, and remove the designation that currently allows wind farms be built in fresh water pearl mussel areas.

It is encouraging to see that Donegal County Council are finally taking responsibility, and allowing the Public have their say on the need to include a specified separation distance of 10x the tip height of a turbine from the nearest house, or place of public gathering. This will provide some protection to visitors, and residents of the county.

I also support the need to protect the 6 Freshwater Pearl Mussel catchment areas in Donegal. These need to be de-zoned and this adopted into the County Development Plan. Our pure rivers with fresh water mussels, the Owenea; Eske; Leannan; Owencarrow; Glaskeelin and Clady should be kept free from all risk of siltation, mud slides etc and marketed properly to the fishing tourism market.

However, one element of your proposed amendments to the Wind Energy section of the CDP, the plan to allow turbines nearer to Glenveagh is scandalous. Glenveagh is an oasis of conservation in Ireland. It is a tourist destination for people of this county, this country and of other countries. We have the envy of other counties and countries here in Donegal, why destroy it? Keep Glenveagh protected as it currently is.

In conclusion:     
I APPROVE the motion on 10x tip height separation
 I APPROVE the motion on no turbines in the six fresh water pearl mussel sub basins.
 I REJECT the motion tampering with the Zone of Influence of Glenveagh.

Yours Sincerely,

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Thank you to everyone that signed this letter. Public consultation has now CLOSED

Public consultation has now CLOSED

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Public consultation has now CLOSED